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iPad Scheme

We are pleased to announce that the families that have signed up to the iPad leasing scheme now have their devices. As we launch this scheme we ask that you be patient with us as we iron out any glitches with our management system and run updates as necessary.

The next stage in our rollout will be to have the school owned iPad’s distributed to classrooms so that all children will have access to an iPad when they are being used in the classroom. We will also be sending out more specific details about how children can bring their own iPad into school, what the requirements are and how this will operate.

Before the summer holidays the portal to sign up to the scheme will again be opened. This will enable anyone who now wishes to sign up to the scheme to do so and we will be able to order and set up the iPad ready for September when the children return.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience whilst we have got this scheme off the ground.

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More details about the scheme

 The difference that the technology makes is IMPACT. Teachers spend many hours providing written feedback to pupils to support them in their learning. iPads provide the opportunity for instant, verbal feedback, which every child, regardless of age, can access immediately and without support. The opportunities to extend our curriculum offer, the outcomes for our children and their preparedness for the next stages of education are limitless.

If all children have the same device, teachers are able to control how they are being used in the class much more efficiently.

We’ve tried to give some examples by subject, how we think they may be used:

For all subjects:

  • We cannot visit the British Museum, prehistoric times or space, but we can use Virtual and Augmented reality apps to put a 3D Roman helmet or dinosaur in front of a child, or experience walking on the moon.
  • Handouts - huge savings on pieces of paper, books, texts being handed out. Saving teachers time and school costs.
  • Recording and sharing of work


  • Questions, demonstrations and answers can be viewed onscreen.
  • Answer sheets - automatically mark and highlight to teachers where weaknesses are for individuals, enabling target learning for groups within the class.


  • For those children who have wonderful imaginations and verbal reasoning, but find writing it all down difficult, we can use Green Screen apps to become news reporters or animate characters. 
  • Whilst the iPad may be used to display text etc., they certainly won’t replace handwriting or spelling practice. Where they are used they for specific tasks they can alert teachers to specific child needs for targeted learning.


  • We’ll continue to be as hands on as possible and the iPad will enable the children to record their experiments in many different ways and share our learning adventures.


  • For some tasks, iPad would be used directly and others, simply a way to record what the child has done.
  • It enables a simple way for teachers to monitor child’s progress efficiently and target specific responses

Remote Learning

  • We envisage the devices being a focal point for those that do have to remotely learn – knowing all children have a device they can consistently access opens the door to many distance learning opportunities. The iPad becomes a communications hub for teams and online lessons and the setting and completion of work.

If all children have the same device (ecosystem), teachers are able to control how they are being used in the class much more efficiently, locking to a certain document or app and target certain groups with specific activities - as well as being provided with key information about each child's learning.

Any time savings on general admin by teachers enables more time to spend teaching children.

In 2020 we conducted some research into providing each child with their own IT equipment – for use both in class and at home. The overwhelming response was positive and as a result we have now partnered with our preferred technology provider Albion.

Having evaluated the options, we feel that Apple’s iPads and combined ecosystem are the most appropriate for Denbury school. Digital technology is embedded within our curriculum across all subjects and we believe that this technology will further enhance your child’s learning.

The scheme runs with monthly donations that include insurance and accessories at a considerable saving on the recommended retail price.

Monthly contributions are collected by the Birmingham e-learning Foundation (BELF), a charity that uses gift aid collected via the scheme to cover administration costs; any excess is awarded back to the school to help the sustainability of the scheme.

Partnering with the BELF charity enables Denbury Primary school to ensure that every child is given the same opportunity to own their own iPad and for those that are unable to donate towards the scheme, please in the first instance speak to Jamie Stone as assistance can be provided. In addition, assistance can be provided to those parents with multiple children at the school.


We do hope that you are as enthusiastic about this scheme as we are here in school.