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Please ensure your child wears the school uniform.  We believe it helps to create a sense of pride in the school.  Please don’t allow your children to wear jewellery (with the exception of small stud ear-rings and watch), fashion trainers or inappropriate clothing.

The Friends of Denbury School (FODS) regularly hold second hand school uniform sales. Please contact the school office for the date of the next event. If you wish to purchase uniform in the meantime please see the list below for the latest availability. The FODS uniform sales is contactable via the Friends of Denbury School Facebook page, FoDS Facebook Secondhand Uniform List Uniform Policy

Acceptable Uniform        

  • Grey skirt/pinafore dress or black/grey trousers   
  • White blouse/shirt or red/white polo shirt  
  • Red jumper, cardigan or school sweatshirt 
  • Red gingham dress in summer
  • Black shoes or sandals (strong and sturdy – suitable for running)   
  • White/black long socks or grey tights  
  • Wellington boots in reception/Year 1/Year 2 – to be left in school please.




All children will need a shoe‑bag with a draw‑string (marked clearly with their name) in which to keep their PE Kit.  They will also need trainers, shorts (black or navy) and a black polo shirt (with the Denbury logo on).

School Uniform Supplier





All of the above items are available online via the following link (the school receives 5% commission on uniform purchases):

School Uniform can be purchased from My Clothing here 

School Uniform

PE Kit can be purchased here 

PE Kit.