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The Parent Teacher Association helps the school in many ways, including raising money for the school, helping to organise events for the children (for example, the annual Easter Egg hunt) and also organising social events.

There are already some excellent events that have been long established in our school calendar, which not only raise money for the children, but also are now an important part of life for all in our community, for example, the Christmas Fair.

The PTA is made up of parents and staff from the school, and the committee meets regularly throughout the year to plan together. These meetings are usually held at the school, but we try to vary the days and times to ensure that everyone has a chance to attend.

We realise that not everyone is able to attend meetings, especially in the evenings, so some parents choose to join our team of volunteers who help out at the events, despite not being on the committee.

The committee is usually formed in the autumn term, but all parents are welcome to attend meetings throughout the year and we are very keen to hear about new ideas for social or fundraising events.

Where does the money go?

There are two ways that the money we raise supports the school:

1. PTA Funds are used to keep the cost of activities down, for example, paying for the hire of the swimming pool and the instructor for the children’s swimming lessons and paying for transport on school trips. This means that the direct cost to parents is kept to a minimum;

2. Members of staff can ask the PTA for support with a specific project, for example, small projects such as the gardening club right through to larger projects such as the outdoor learning area.


How to contact the PTA

If you would like to join the PTA or would like to contact us, the easiest way is via the office, who will know the appropriate person to contact or you can email us at pta@denburyprimary.co.uk.

Friends of Denbury Primary School would like to thank:

Alex Graeme, for the fantastic photos for the school website and prospectus


Rob Watson, for the inspiring virtual tour