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All children are expected to read regularly at home. During the early stages your participation is absolutely vital.  Later, children should be encouraged to read independently.  We have prepared some notes on the way that we teach reading at school and what you can do to help us at home.  If you are interested in this material, please see Jamie Stone.

Children will be given homework to do on a regular basis.  Catching up work missed through absence or holiday is often desirable.  It is sometimes necessary for some research work to be done at home - this is increasingly the case as children move up the school and have to cope with heavier workloads.

Your child's progress is monitored constantly by his/her teacher and by the Headteacher.  If we have any major concerns regarding the progress of your child, we will not hesitate to get in touch with you.  Likewise, if you have any concerns please feel at liberty to approach the class teacher concerned to arrange for a special appointment.

We will invite you to attend for a formal consultation meeting with your child's teacher at least twice a year. Normally the children's work will be available for inspection.  Pupils from Year 3 upwards will be invited to attend this meeting along with their parents.

 Written reports are issued towards the end of the summer term and include a space for parental comment.