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Denbury Primary

Primary School

Meet the Staff


Headteacher Mr Jamie Stone


Teaching staff

Mrs A Blanchard             Reception Class Teacher

Mrs J Jenkins                    Reception/Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs E Saunders                KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs N Stone                      KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs D Foxford                   KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs C Madden                  KS2 Class Teacher/SENCo

Mrs A Piggott                    KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs J Scotting                   Languages


Support Staff

Ms L Martin                        HLTA/Interventions

Mrs L Smith                        Pastoral Officer

Mrs J Foster-Turner           Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Thompson               Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Blanchard               Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Hones                      Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Rowe Thompson   Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Bottoms                  Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant / Mealtime Assistant

Mrs C Passerini                  HLTA - Key Stage 1



Mrs T Kewell                      Administrator

Mrs E Levey                        School Administration Manager

Mrs M Atkinson                  Clerk to Governors


Kitchen/Lunchtime Support Staff

Mrs A Skedgell                   Kitchen Manager

Mrs J Swan                          Kitchen Assistant

Mrs C Pead                          Mealtime Assistant

Mrs R Newman                   Mealtime Assistant

Mrs K Heath                        Mealtime Assistant

Mrs W Booth                       Mealtime Assistant


Breakfast/After School Club Staff

Mrs M Rowe Thompson      Breakfast Club

Mrs Katie Hutchings            Breakfast Club