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Religious Education


Religious Education at Denbury gives the children the opportunity to explore what people across the world believe and what difference this makes to how they live. Children gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living. They develop an understanding and respect for others and their differences and think about who they themselves are within that.


Denbury school’s RE curriculum follows the agreed Devon syllabus for RE developed by Devon SACRE.

The curriculum for RE aims to ensure that all pupils:

  1. make sense of a range of religious and non-religious beliefs,
  2. understand the impact and significance of religious and non-religious beliefs.
  3. make connections between religious and non-religious beliefs, concepts, practices and ideas studied.

Pupils are to study in depth the religious traditions of the following groups:

4–5s Reception - Children will encounter Christianity and other faiths, as part of their growing sense of self, their own community and their place within it.

5–7s Key Stage 1 - Christians, Jews and Muslims.

7–11s Key Stage 2 - Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews.

Consideration of other religions and nonreligious worldviews can occur at any key stage, as appropriate to the school context

There are no presumptions made as to the religious backgrounds and beliefs and values of the children and the staff. We value the religious background of all members of the school community and hope that this will encourage individuals to share their own experiences with others freely. All religions and their communities are treated with respect and sensitivity and we value the links, which are, and can be made between home, school, and a faith community.

We acknowledge that each religion studied can contribute to the education of all our pupils. We promote teaching in Religious Education that stresses open enquiry and first-hand experiences wherever possible for both staff and children.


To enable children to know about and understand Christianity as a living faith that influences the lives of people worldwide and as the religion that has most shaped British culture and heritage.

To enable children to know and understand about other major world religions and world views, their impact on society, culture and the wider world, enabling pupils to express ideas and insights. To contribute to the development of pupils own spiritual/philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own beliefs and values.