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The child’s first experiences of school can have a lasting effect upon them and so we aim to make the transition from home to school as enjoyable and as smooth as possible for all our children (and their parents!)


Most children have attended a wide range of pre-schools within our local community. Our main emphasis during the transition and induction process is upon building links with the family.

We aim to achieve this by:


  • Organising Parent Tours towards the end of the Autumn Term for parents to visit the school and discuss requirements prior to registering their children at Devon County Council for starting school in the following September.
  • Encouraging parents to bring pre-schoolers to school events – sports day, fairs, productions etc.
  • Sending out a 'Welcome Pack' to parents once their child has been given a place at Denbury, requesting various important bits of information and providing parents with useful information to aid a smooth transition into school life for their child. This includes: booklets about teaching early reading and writing skills. These explain fun and practical ways in which you can support your child with developing their reading and writing skills at home. Also, information on how to support your child to develop independence and be school ready.   
  • Organising “Stay & Play” for 3 weekly morning sessions, in June/July, prior to joining us at Denbury in the September. This is held in the Reception classroom for two hours a week, so that the children may familiarise themselves with the school environment and their teacher and peers.
  • Holding a new parents’ meeting in July before the children start school, to explain about the school in more detail and for parents to meet their child’s new teacher. This explains in greater detail how we teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the areas of learning that the children will be following during their Reception Year, through carefully structured play and adult led activities. Parents will be provided with information to order school uniform. Various information booklets about the school are issued, including our Home/School Agreement. During this meeting the children spend time in their new classroom and come together with the parents at the end of the meeting to enjoy their first lunch in the school hall.
  • Home visiting by the child’s teacher in June/July, during which we exchange important information and discuss issues relating to starting school in a relaxed and informal meeting place.
  • Providing part-time schooling for the child’s first few weeks, as a gentle introduction to regular school life.
  • We will also talk to you about the online learning journal we use to track your child' s learning journey here at Denbury and our communication platforms. You will be able to access this from home to see what wonderful things your child has been up to in school! 
  • Providing an ‘open door policy’ throughout the children’s time at Denbury, by encouraging parent/teacher partnerships in order to share any concerns or worries that they may have.


 We hope that all this provides a framework which supports children and their families as they start their school life at Denbury Primary School.

You can find full details of all aspects of school life within the school prospectus. 

Denbury Primary School Prospectus