Our School

Denbury School is a friendly, bright and enthusiastic school near Newton Abbot.  We work well together in our local community to encourage and support each other.  We have a wide range of adults who help children of all abilities.  With new buildings and resources our school has a place for everybody.  Our wonderful, cheerful Headteacher Mr Stone is amazing!  Our school is relatively small with just 113 pupils.

We have two halves to the building, one half containing Birch Tor and Ivy Tor, also known as Key Stage 1 and the second half containing Bellever, Dartmeet and Haytor.  We also have a library where pupils can borrow books.  Our two playgrounds make brilliant playing areas when the field is wet and at the bottom there is even a bikeshed!  We even have the further choice of our newly updated multicourt!

With clean, safe facilities, a friendly environment and a thriving curriculum this is an extremely brilliant school.

By Oscar Graeme