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The Eco Warriors are a group of children from Bellever, Dartmeet and Haytor, with support from Lesley Smith and Rachel Newman. The group was started in response to The Eco Schools project, and meet at least once every half term to discuss and plan how our school can become more eco friendly. Just recently we were very pleased to have reached our Silver award, and the next step is the Green Flag! The group have created an action plan.pdf to help us move forward and see the progress we are making.

Meet our Eco Warriors for this year.

It is not just the Eco Warriors who have been working towards our award and achievements, it is the hard work of every child and adult in the school community who contribute in some way. As part of our environmental review the Eco Warriors created their own Eco Code which encompasses how the school is striving to achieve their environmental goals.

Regularly we have children who volunteer for litter picking duty in the school grounds. This is led by one of our Eco Warriors, who organises the rota and oversees the task. Each of our Eco Warriors have an area of responsibility, such as; Public Relations Officer, Electricity Monitors, Water Monitors, Litter picking Monitor, Plant Monitor and Wild life areas. Every child in each class take it in turns to recycle their paper into the correct recycling bins, so everyone is involved at some point during the school year. 

There are also a group of children who volunteer every half term to become a 'Little Rotter.' This takes a lot of dedication, as every lunch time the group have to collect all the food waste and bring it to the Ridan, where it is put to start the composting process. Once the food waste goes through the system it is then put into Scotty's Hotbox, which makes the food waste into lovely compost which we will be able to use to grow vegetables and fruit. They also recycle any cans, plastic and cardboard.