Ivy Tor

All about us!


Ivy Tor is a mixture of children in Year 1 and Year 2, taught by Mrs Stone and Mrs Saunders and supported by Anita.

We encourage the development of skills by linking together all our subjects through a meaningful topic.

Play is a means by which children can develop the skills and capabilities to be effective learners. Opportunities are given to children to build on previous experiences and make connections in their learning in an enjoyable, fun and exciting way!

We have high expectations of both behaviour and achievement and the class work well together to create a strong and harmonious classroom environment where everyone is valued.

The children are provided with many opportunities to work collaboratively, whether as a team or with a partner. This helps to foster the skills of listening, turn taking and respecting differing opinions.

 Wild Adventures Topic

 Science fun!

As part of our topic we have been learning about habitats in Science. First of all we went around the School grounds in groups to see where we could find different minibeasts hiding.


During the following week  we set up an experiment to see which habitat woodlice would prefer to live in. We designed a woodlice hotel, with 4 different rooms to choose from! The children worked in groups of 3 or 4 and chose to have one room with leaves & grass, one with sticks, one with stones and one that was dark.

The children collected their resources from outside, including some soft compost as a bed! They also had to find 8 woodlice. As they are living creatures, we talked about the importance of handling them with care.

The children set up their hotels and put 2 woodlice in each room. They covered the hotels with cling film so the woodlice didn't escape, but made sure there were air holes to let them breath.

We left the hotels overnight, would the woodlice stay in their room or would they try to find somewhere better?!


We were very excited to see what had happened the next day! We carefully took the cling film off and counted how many woodlice were in each room and made a chart to record our findings.We talked about what we found out and  thought about where they would like to be released. Next week we will be doing an experiment with snails and worms!



In Maths this week we have been learning about 3D shape. The children have been using the maths vocabulary of vertices, edges and faces to find out about different shapes. They have built models using polydron, used our new maths scheme, abacus, to play online shape games and used paint to print the 2d faces of different 3d shapes.

Show and Tell

Each Friday a different group of children has the opportunity to do 'Show and Tell'. This is an important aspect of KS1 as the children get to talk in front of their peers and share things that are of importance to them. A few weeks a go someone brought in some Lego models; they were the child's own designs and the class loved them! One question that was asked was 'Which one do you think is the fastest?' The following week we set up a Science experiment in the class to test them out. The children also worked in groups to design, create and test their own models.

Marble treat fun!

Each class collects marbles in a jar for fantastic effort, good listening, great team work and positive attitudes. When the jar is full, the class suggest ideas for their treat and then vote to find the most popular activity. In the past we have had wheelie day, where they bring in their bikes and scooters, teddy bears picnics and watching a film. This time they chose to invite their family in for the morning. We set up lots of different activities on the field and much fun was had by all!